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05-08-2010, 03:39 PM
My Completed Maps
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  1. GrandonJ
    Hello Arsheesh. My name is Jim and I am representing Central Washington University's anthropology museum. I am interested in using your work in our newest exhibit on fantasy maps. I apologize for the unorthodox method of contact but I can't seem to find another way. Essentially my colleagues and I were given three weeks to design and setup an exhibit on fantasy maps. Copyright law prevents us from using published works without permission and our time frame is so short that this is near impossible. However, I was referred to this site and saw your work and was immediately intrigued. I would like to put your work into our exhibit. If you are interested please contact me at Once again I apologize for the unorthodox approach and I hope to hear from you. Thank you,

    Jim Grandon
  2. Ozz
    Hello Arsheesh,
    Fantastic maps! I just signed up today and started going thru the site. Your map was on the home page along with 4 other great maps. I used to draw a lot of maps and dungeons thru the 70's, so I thought I would try to reproduce them digitally. I am a beginner like DrNick77 and downloaded GIMP and Inkscape, so thank you for the advice and some great examples to strive toward.
  3. arsheesh
    Thanks so much for the feedback Ozz, and you have definitely come to the right place to learn how to recreate your maps in a digital format. There are tons of great tutorials here at the Guild. Welcome to the addiction!

  4. SirKingsbury
    Hi Arsheesh, I would just like to say that this is an amazing piece of work. I'm quite new to creating maps and i also Dungeon Master for Dungeon and Dragons and I was wondering is there a program you use to create the maps and what is this program? I would love to create a more interactive game by providing maps that are not created in paint haha. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated by me and my fellow players. Also just once again the stuff you have created is just outstanding.
  5. arsheesh
    Hi SirKingsbury, thanks for the kind words. I used GIMP, a free open source graphics program to create this map. I also used a GIMP variation of Ascension's Atlas tutorial for this particular map, though for most of the other maps I used the methods discussed in my Eriond tutorial. Anyway my advice would be to walk through the tutorial and then start a WIP page showing the early stages of your work. That way we can offer constructive feedback and answer any questions you might have. Best of luck to you.
  6. SirKingsbury
    Thank you very much for that, it is most helpful.
  7. arsheesh
    My pleasure SirKingsbury!
  8. WoozleWozzle
    Stunning. Do you have a version of this without the text and icon layers I could use as wallpaper?
  9. arsheesh
    Thanks WoozleWozzle! Sorry, while you are free to use the map as is, I don't give away unfinished versions of my maps.

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