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The Western Baronies

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05-11-2010, 05:49 PM
My Completed Maps
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  1. arsheesh
    Thanks Tipsygypsy!
  2. Aylan
    Hello I just wanted to tell you that this map is amazing, congratulations on your great work.What program you used to do so, thank you for sharing work as well. Sorry for my English
  3. arsheesh
    Thanks for the comment Aylan. I used a program called GIMP to create this map (it's similar to Photoshop).
  4. Aylan
    It is a pity that my english is so bad, I have been trying to follow your tutorials but with my level of English is impossible,
    do not speak spanish by chance?hehe,
    i would love to be able to build my own project. A greeting
  5. arsheesh
    Hola Aylan,

    Tengo un muy poquito Espanol, pero su Ingles es mucho mas mejor que mi Espanol. Lo ciento. No puedo traducir el seminario, pues, no bueno por lo menos.

  6. Kolyana
    Absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful balance of colors.
  7. arsheesh
    Thanks Koylana, much appreciated!

  8. CthulhuPunk
    Fabulous and inspiring! I love it!
  9. arsheesh
    Thanks so much CthulhuPunk!
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