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04-29-2011, 07:03 PM
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  1. arsheesh
    Thanks so much for the compliment Perseus! I spent allot of time thinking about the naming conventions because I wanted to develop a culture that would serve as the backdrop to a campaign I was planning on running. As it turned out, we never did run this particular campaign, but we have run a few others in the lands surrounding this one. BTW, you are welcome to use this map for your own campaign if you like. Thanks again for the compliment.

  2. Perseus
    Arsheesh, not that I want to blow smoke up yer arse, but... I've been viewing, looking for, using, admiring fantasy art for a very long time. I'm old enough to have enjoyed Boris Vallejo when his work was new, and I admire William Li's take on the genre. Your fantasy cartography is in the same category as these other artists in terms of how it appeals to me personally. I love the near photo-realism you convey. I spent some time checking out your other work on the Obsidian Portal after stumbling upon this image. I would love to see this whole thing as an official Pathfinder setting. The cartography, at least, is as good as any I've ever seen. Thanks for the offer with regard to using this in my own campaign, because I surely intend to do just that. I love the harsh north portrayed here even as a starting setting for new players. I looked this over and got a very George R. R. Martin feel from the land. One thing I noticed was that you list this as the *small* version of the map. Care to share a larger version or any othe detail re: the unplayed campaign? Thanks!
  3. arsheesh
    Damn Persues, I don't know what to say! Thanks so much. I do have a larger version of this map that I don't mind emailing you. Why don't you send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the map.
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