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Eriond Final Small

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09-06-2011, 04:06 PM
My Completed Maps
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  1. Toshiakisama
    What font did you use to get the Text for Eriond? That is beautiful and your maps are fantastically detailed, some of the best I have ever seen!
  2. arsheesh
    Thanks so much Toshiakisama! In answer to your question, the title was done using Unzialish, the countries were done using Optimus Princeps, and the regions were done using Pasternoster AH.

  3. Conroy
    What a talent ! One of the few maps that have the ability to be properly and aesthetically detailed, coasts and mountains in particulary !
  4. arsheesh
    Thanks so much Conroy!

  5. Conroy
    What software do you use to draw this kind of maps ?
  6. arsheesh
    I used a freeware program called GIMP. I actually wrote a tutorial for how to create a map in this style which you should be able to fine in my Sig (it's the "Eriond" tutorial).

  7. Conroy
    D'accord, merci
  8. Conroy
    Okay, thanks*
  9. Conroy
    Had you already draw a map for everybody ? A novel, for example ? I seek a drawer for mine.
  10. arsheesh
    Hi Conroy, I'll respond to your question via PM.

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