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This is just me playing around.


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04-09-2012, 11:56 PM
My Completed Maps
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  1. grangarian
    Damn, nice color it has. And i love the texture used. I'm waiting for more details, if you add any later.
  2. arsheesh
    Hey thanks Grangarian. This was a map I made for fun (based on a map I made for a tutorial) and didn't really have any plans on finishing it. But I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Vince
    I absolutely love it! Where exactly do I find the tutorial? srry im a noob
  4. arsheesh
    Hi Vince, thanks for the comment. Here is a link to the tutorial. Two caveats though, first, the tutorial presupposes a general a general understanding of GIMP & of fantasy map making. If you are new you might want to try getting your hands dirty with say RobA's tutorial which is more for beginners, before moving on to my tutorial. Second, my tutorial results in a color image, as opposed to the more antique style of this map. However, A2area has a tutorial that shows how to convert the color map into a more antique styled map. Hope that helps.

  5. Vince
    Your awesome! thanks so much
  6. katiedidit120
    So cool! This is the type of map I'm aiming to create. Thanks for posting links to the tutorials!

  7. arsheesh
    My pleasure, thanks for the feedback Kate!
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