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  1. That Landliebe font is very intriguing! I'm really tempted to replace all the mistral with that one The style of those decadence fonts remind me a lot of the fell type fonts I used on another map I did. However, I think the crappy printing press style is too old looking for a map that is supposed to look like it could have been made during the early 19th century of Earth. So I'm going to stick with Baskerville for the type face text on the map, which is definitely authentic for that period
  2. That Landliebe font looks very intriguing, thanks for bringing that to my attention. It's very tempting to replace as the Mistral with that one The style of the decadence fonts reminds me of the Fell type fonts I used in another map. However, the world is intended have a history that very closely parallels Earth, so I'm going to stick with the Baskerville for the regular type faces on the map.
  3. Hi moutarde,

    In that case you might like to check out Landliebe and the Decadence family before you commit to designing your own font! Not that I don't think there's a niche for more fonts in that style, especially ones with working ligatures and the old style "s".
  4. Hi Bill, thanks for the comments I'm not *actively* working on it at the moment, but I've been staring it again lately after a (really long) break, so I anticipate that I'll be doing more work on it again before too long. I chose to use the Mistral font because it has a slightly messy look to it - I want those parts of the text to look more hand-written, whereas most cursive fonts (like the ones you suggested) are just too neat and tidy looking.
    Although, now that I think about it, all my work on the text to date was before I bought my tablet, maybe I'll make my own font.

    Thanks again for your thought-provoking comments
  5. Hi,

    Just wondering if you were still working on that great antique world map (I wasn't around when the thread was active, but found it searching for "antique style"). If you were, I wanted to suggest changing the Mistral font to a more old-fashioned script font, like ALS Script or Champignon. For an even better match to the source material, you could change the capitals to Baskerville Italic -- a lot of fiddly work, but surely you're used to that!
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