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  1. Thanks for the rep.
  2. Thanks for the REP on July's Challenge !!
  3. Not a problem about the confusion of frame to border thing. I think perhaps it was too subtle ? Glad you liked it though. How about PM me some of the liked / didn't like for my entry. I could really use the feedback !! Thanks if you can!
  4. Hi, I spotted your post to Seraphine-Harmonium when I messaged her. Sorry if I confused your table for a frame. To me it looked like one of those old art frames that are a wide, carved, wood border. I still think the map looks better with the narrower border or frame that you used in the final post. Either way it's a great map.
  5. Thanks for the rep
  6. Thanks for the Rep again! Glad you like the map.
  7. Thanks for the rep, I tried to make up for my lack of drawing skill by making a map that should be fun to play on.
    If you look in the Finished maps section, I just posted a full color high res version of it.
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