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  1. Thanks for the Vote! The Support is always appreciated.
  2. thanks Boogie. I like when I can get input. If you look at the front view the flowing appearance is mostly an Illusion. The forward "flow " is actually the Armor which is flared back to make crashing through dunes easier. The only deck area which should have been Non- rectangular is the bridge area which I didn't think about; so nice catch! As a whole it is supposed to represent a hand drawn deck-plan by the ship's Tinker (engineer) using a heat set ink and pencil. I overdid it perhaps on some of the layers. I guess the That Master Tinker Azured Torac isn't as steady of hand as he should be.!! I haven't voted yet I am having problem deciding !
  3. "What did you like and what could have been better ?" I liked all the great maps and art, and it could have been better if I got a few more votes.... Oh, you meant about your map?
    What I liked was the overall design of the ship and the presentation. What could have been better is the floor plans are all to rectangular, especially for a ship with such flowing outlines.
  4. Thanks for your vote ! What did you like and what could have been better !
  5. Thanks for your vote !
  6. Thanks for the Vote!
  7. Thanks for the Rep!!
  8. Thanks again for the Rep and Vote, much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the Rep and Vote! AC's map is great also. He keeps saying he wants me to win, but I want us to tie! LOL
  10. Thanks for the Rep and Vote!
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