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  1. Lol "Bogie treatment". My brain is torn between Harry Potter references and your dundjinni skills.
    Congrats on having your own catch phrase. I'm now going to write it on the dry-erase board over my desk at work to confuse people and happily gather strange remarks!
  2. Thanks for the info on RPGNOW. I have a few maps for sale on a couple of small sites, but I did it more to help support their startup. So far I think I have made like $7.
    The sites are small and don't get much traffic, so I wasn't expecting much. I should check out RPGnow and see if I can do anything with them. Thanks
  3. RPGnow is a site where prolific people like you sell their work. Alot of what you put here (and I assume at Dundjinni also) for free, others copywrite it and sell it. Most of the things on the site are low cost, alot is free, and some of the things people publish there are a little more expensive depending on the depth and size of the publication. You should look into it. You have the skills, and I like supporting artist's and art
    as long as it doesn't break my bank.
  4. Hi maxsdaddy, Thanks for stopping by to say hi.
    You are right, I am new here, but have been a regular at Dundjinni for almost 5 years. Someone recently totaled the stats at DJ and I have posted over 2600 pieces of art and maps there. It's more than double what I would have guessed. I have maps on a lot of different sites, but not on RPGnow. How is that one different?
  5. Hard to believe I'm the first person to drop a line as a visitor. First I would like to say again, thanks for sharing so much. Also, if I might ask, do you have anything at the RPGnow site? If you don't, you should. I will check out the dundjinni site. You may be a guild journeyer here, but you must be a master there.
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