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  1. Try now:O I think it should work now if not im cluseless
  2. click the User CP link and look under the different things on the control panel, its probably there somewhere
  3. How do i turn on?
  4. to send pms, you click the persons username in the forums, and a dropdown menu will appear, you want to select the send private message one. But far as i can tell your pming thing is turned off
  5. I have no idea how to send pms here
  6. lol anyways it wont let me cause it says your not allowing pms
  7. lol you liar
  8. Im no member of CC and im here to suggest you some castles. So first off you need to show me the map you was talking about. (PS: i cant promise i give you something i might be lieing)
  9. hey bryguy
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