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  1. Not a photorealistic one no. I will actually being doing it twice. Once a not so close up to put on a map of the valley...and then a slightly closer one. The bigger version will be B&W more then likely more like a floorplan or a layout nothing overly fancy.
  2. Photorealistic like this one:

    or more like a diagram (i.e. old school D&D blue/white)?

    -Rob A>
  3. Not sure I know what you mean by "what style" still relatively new at doing this...but it is going be made in gimp
  4. OK-

    What style of map are you hoping to create?

    -Rob A>
  5. yes i do have an example of the castle I have in mind. The one that comes the closest to what I have in mind is Conwy. Not sre exactly where it is I found the image ages ago and can't remember now.
  6. I guess it depends on the style of castle. Do you have any examples of the king of map you want it to look like?

    -Rob A>
  7. I saw your tutorial on the map for gimp and its really great and informative. I am working on making a map for my own world for a story I'm working on and a D&D campaign. I was wondering if you also had a tutorial for drawing castles. I have a pretty good idea how it will look just not where to start. Its the towers that have me lost...aka how to draw them and connect them to the walls.
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