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  1. Ohh thats what I imagined! Thanks a lot eVile Hope to see more maps from you soon
  2. Hmm, I believe you mean the caterpillar style? If so, it's fairly easy, just lines to form a hill. You can either draw those individually (Which looks better.) Or, do what I did on the Bandit Hiedout, and use paths for it (If you have photoshop, anyway.) Just make a selection, right click, and set as work path, make a line brush with a decent spacing between the lines, and stroke it, select the path, contract as much as you want, and then stroke again, rinse and repeat.

    Now, if you're talking about the hills on my Battlemaps, thats different, it's essentially a shadow and rock texture overlaid on top of where I want the hill to be, oh, and the top of the hill is a lighter color.
  3. Hey there evile_eAgle! First of all, love your work with City maps, I thinks its one of the hardest types of maps and you handle it pretty well!
    I saw your old map, from the 2011 challenge THe Lokar Bandits Hideout, and I really liked how you made the elevations and hills. Im doing a battle map, and Im having a hard time doing the elevation, do you mind telling me how you made your hills? Or any tips on how to do it?
    Thanks a lot!
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