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If you have your likes hid and/or I can't private message you without being your friend then you need not ask for friendship as I will summarily DENY all requests from people like that. Also, if you are a spammer then the first time you post spam on my wall without my permission I'm unfriending you. And if you're a troller, you may as well not waste our time because my friend list is hidden. Also, do NOT "poke" this account because I don't "poke" people and I don't like people constantly "poking." I'm online when I'm online and I'm not when I'm not. Send me a message or post and I'll get back to you. If you "poke" repeatedly I will unfriend you because I'm way too busy trying to do research and take care of my sick mom to sit around removing "pokes" all the time and I don't do chain statuses (messages that say send this to so many people) and I will ignore them and if you post a negative chain status (statuses that say send this to so many people or else) on my wall I will unfriend you.WARNING: IF YOU JUST WANT SOMEBODY TO BE SWEET LITTLE MR. NICE GUY YESMAN WHO AGREES WITH EVERYTHING AND WON'T EXPRESS HIS OWN OPINION, THEN YOU'VE COME TO THE WRONG PERSON. I DON'T DO THAT. However, if I disagree with someone I can do it politely and I expect the same. If you can't disagree with people politely then save us both some time and don't even bother me with a friend request.---I'm a real life John Connor and a modern day Dragging Canoe & Tecumseh.I was born March 22, 1985 in the same backwards little American crap hole town I live in now. I'm a 5' 8 & 3/4" tall guy with size 13 shoes. I weigh about 122-135 pounds. I have very dark brown hair that is usually mistaken for black, and hazel eyes. I'm an author (currently without a publisher as my last one legally ripped me off to make a long story short). 2005 was the start of the worst years of my life. I am ambitious and determined to succeed. I'm usually the no-nonsense type though I am also somewhat sensitive, loving, empathetic, fun loving, and at times humorous. I'm the best kind of man there is: a REAL one. I believe in taking care of my family (currently that means my mom and grandparents; I disowned the rest of the no count "people"), ALWAYS telling the truth to the best of your knowledge (which I do and yes it can be done. Perhaps you foreign hearts can't do it, but my people can. I'm from a culture entirely foreign to yours and you can't judge me by your culture), taking care of your obligations to the best of your ability, and helping others as best as you can. I always try to dedicate a share of my efforts for the greater good. I'm the type of man who can love a woman, be sweet to her, be caring, and also protective when need be. I'm also a smart guy. I never fail to keep my promises. My favorite colors are blue and green. I've further bettered myself by letting go of hatred and forgetting all the old haters, fakers, and harassers.I'm always looking for new friends as long as they aren't a bunch of bigots or fakies, and I've learned to be very picky about the friends I accept. I no longer pick up rattlesnakes (matter of a fact I've thrown some out of my longhouse since I learnt this lesson). If you're a bigot or fakie you may as well just move on. I also dislike parrots and sooner or later I always figure you out, so if thats who you are then don't bother me.I absoultely hate offensive humor and Family Guy and its spin offs as they are against everything I stand for.I was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs which have bothered me ever since. I used to have severe asthma but being around second and third hand smoke against my will forced it into COPD and multiple chemical sensitivies. I used to have seizures but I refused to take the medicines they wanted to give me because I read they could make you become addicted and more likely to become a drug addict not to mention completly change your personality and destroy your creativity. So, with the strength of my will and the aid of Great Spirit Unequa I overcame them on my own and have been seizure free since 2008. However, since I had more than 1 I'm considered an epileptic and not allowed to drive by state law. I'm nearsighted and wear narrow rimmed glasses. Since I have all these disabilities I am not allowed to work at your everday job due to a June 2002 US Supreme Court ruling, however, what I can do I do well and hope to make more than just enough to get by barely and enough to enjoy true financial independence some day.I've owned my own home since I was 8, it's not a mansion or even attractive, but still how many of you can say that?I'm of very mixed descent. I'm a Cherokee (Native American)/Blackfoot (Native American)/Caucasian/African mix. I'm very proud of my heritage and I consider myself a Cherokee outright. During my 6 years of hard times (the Dark Years), my Native American ancestors helped me find my way back to my self again.I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. Never have. I highly doubt friendships with smokers will last as I am very anti-tobacco and smokers are usually uncaring... people and fight you over it. In my opinion you do NOT have a right to smoke, you only have the privilege of smoking which you shouldn't unless its in your own home (as long as you wash up yourself and clothes and all the stuff you smoked on), if then. You have no right to force us nonsmokers to smoke through your second and third hand smoke!I highly doubt friendships with military families, etc. will last either as I don't support the government since it is not the way it claims to be. The freedoms belong to those whose name end in LLC or Inc, etc. not the people, nor do I support the soldiers who fight unjust wars for oil and expansionim and for nothing while racism and opression here at home continues. I highly doubt friendships with law enforcement, politicians, etc. will last either as 90% are corrupt as hell and spread false propaganda, fear, misinformation, and disinformation which I am totally against. America is NOT free! I could list all the examples (past and present) but it'd take too much space. I especially hate the Tea Party.I belong to a time long gone because I'm more like those people then than these now. I'm out of my time. I'm lost. My ancestors, my real family, and my true friends are all I've got. ( you can't respect me or don't like me for who I am then you can **** off. I am who I am and I ain't anybody else except who I am. I'm not going to change my identity for you or anyone else. In the words of Kurt Cobain, I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.Since I came to Facebook, many have come to me to learn many different things. So, you may also call me Dideyohasgi (Teacher).If you have any more questions, just ask me. I'll consider answering it, but there are things I never tell any body.---Everyone. I wanna thank you all for coming here. To all of you phonies, all of you two-faced friends, you psychotic people who smile through your teeth at me and jump me for having my own views and try to force me to be your drone slave, please leave me in peace. Please go. Stop smiling. It's not a joke. Please leave. The party's over. Get out.
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Aluminium & Steel Can Recycler, I recycle steel and aluminium cans (now that I found a place nearby)


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