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05-20-2014, 11:52 AM
-By the Hand- WIP
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  1. Maker of the Way
    Very cool. I love seeing a piece progress. Do you start with pencil, then go over with ink when you're happy with the form or feature your doing?
  2. Cuin
    Partially. For this map I had a rough sketch that I transferred to this paper via carbon copy transfer. This outline was smooth, not detailed, and in pencil. I then put down the ink adding detail/embellishments impromptu, in some areas straying vastly from the original outline. This paper was hand made (not by me) and doesn't take well to an eraser... For the rest of the work on this map I think I will go straight to ink. It certainly would save time! Perhaps I will use very very light pencil that can be erased with less erosion to the paper. The other two maps of this series were done on regular printer paper, and erasing has been no problem on those. I'll give an update when I put more work into it. Perhaps I'll write a tutorial on my approach to hand done mapping.
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