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  1. Hi Jake,

    Thanks a lot for the indepth explanation! I will dig around a bit.
    What i can see of the new Aurora maps leads me to the conclusion that i like the old landmass-forms better...but that's just personal taste and is not to say that the new one is not nice.
    I see you go for a whole other era as the normal worldbuilders (who most of the time go for fantasy-medieval like worlds), interesting. I myself also do some fantasy worldbuilding (more like those afore mentioned worldbuilders, as our world is based on earlier historical periods than yours) but my mapper skills are very undeveloped, especially with electronical means (read: not much of a PS or CC user, unfortunately). I wish i could make maps like you guys on here.
    Hope to see more of your work in the future and thanks again!

    Eilathen aka Joerg
  2. (3/3) ... that Aurora-1 album.

    In the current incarnation, Aurora's interaction is carried out in a discussion board, and a wiki holds most of the nation info, instead of individual websites. That wiki is down for maintenance just now... I run it,and I'm having trouble with our host's latest upgrade. I should be working on that instead of Cartographers Guild surfing :-).

    Myth, legend, and history are underdeveloped, both on the old Aurora-1 and on today's Aurora. But there's fun tidbits here and there. I hope you enjoy what you can dig up!

    -- jake (sheesh - 1000 char message limit ;-) )
  3. (2 of 3) ...of the national websites are still live - click and see on the country names! The info links won't do any good, nor the owner links. The menu on the left takes you back to the current incarnation of Aurora - different map, mostly different nations. Even the sites that are now offline may be visible via the internet archive's "wayback machine". You go to, and enter the desired old address - it (may) offer you a list of all the old versions that were collected over the years. Example - the guy who ran Daxos took down his site. Via the wayback machine though I see*/http://...axos/index.htm a bunch of 2004/2005 versions. Some might have interesting info <shrug> . In the Aurora-1 sites still up you'll see some maps I did for other players - I'll gradually post the better ones on the Guild in that
  4. Eliathen --
    I'm glad you like what we developed. What happened to Aurora-1 is that a bunch of the players either grew disinterested, or their real life intervened to cut back their participation. It takes a certain minimum amount of activity, before the world is fun as a game -- it's all about nation creation then interaction. So we chose to start over fresh. The shiny new blankness has attracted some new players - there's room for plenty more.

    In the period of these maps, we conducted our interaction on yahoo groups - you can probably still see archived messages at . I think after we left the Yahoo group, we interacted on a discussion board that's now lost :-b... And the main website at that time had a "visit" page with links to individual websites for the nations. I've kept that page online, and many of ....
  5. Hi there, just wanted to drop a note and tell you that i totally dig your aurora one maps. Very nice stuff. I'd like to see more of this world. Care to share some history and mythological stuff, if existent?

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