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Eryemiré is the largest and more powerful of the eleven free cities that lie around the mouth of the Kelerion, longest river in this world. You can recognise the area in the bigger continental maps.

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06-10-2012, 10:47 PM
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  1. giordanno
    hi there, feanaaro. how you doing?
    im writing a book and creating my own maps.
    do you have a tutorial for doing this kinds of maps like Eryemire?
    i really want to creat the map of my main city like this one.
    hope you can help, me.
  2. feanaaro
    Hi giordanno, I tried to answer you on your page. Contact me back if you still want help and I'll see what I can do. Also, enable private messages!
  3. Otviss
    Oh wow. I love the sharp, thin lines. and how the map isnt not colored. How do you exactly achieve this look? What program do you use?
  4. feanaaro
    Hi Otviss. The map, as everything I've done here, is done in Photoshop. I would not know how *exactly* I achieved this look, it's a simple parchment background, the streets are simply white lines with black 1px strokes, houses and buildings are simple shapes with a 1px stroke and drop shadow (with noise) and a pattern overlay, the fields also are simply shapes with a pattern overlay. Part of the sharpness effect is due to the fact that what you see is 50% of the size of what I did, a cheap trick but it works somehow.
  5. Otviss
    Thank you, very helpful. What about the layout? How did you start off designing this city. You can PM the answer btw.
  6. feanaaro
    I don't see the option for sending you a PM in your profile.
    Anyway, I don't really have a method for layouts. I just try to do something aesthetically pleasing and not exceedingly absurd (btw, I don't think this city has an especially realistic layout). I also look at a lot of city map from others and to maps and aerial views of real cities. You may also look for the WIP thread so as to follow the evolution of the map.
  7. Otviss
    Ah right the thread, Exactly. I just find this map really really pleasing for my eyes. Just curious about the process, that's why I'm asking. I'm new here
  8. feanaaro
    I think you have to have a certain minimum number of forum posts before the private message function is activated.
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