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  1. Hi Feral Buddy, what I like most about it was the price. It was about $40 on while wacom etc are at least $100. I suspect that things like pressure sensitivity are what is lacking on the genius tablet. I have been trying my hand at digital calligraphy and water color painting, but I'm not sure if the tablet is what is limiting or if I just haven't found the right brush and setting combination in GIMP. I'm coming from using a laptop touchpad, so the genius is great for me. Maybe others have more experience with tablets. Hope that helps.


    Oh yeah I suppose what I like least about it is when you switch back and forth between tablet and not tablet it wigs out a little bit and you either miss draw or don't draw at all. That seems kind of minor though.
  2. Hey Hohum! I heard you had a Genius tablet. I'm looking to get a tablet (but of course I don't want to spend a few hundred bucks) and I've heard some mix reviews about Genius. Is this your only tablet? Have you had a wacom? What do you like and hate most about it?
    Thanks, man.
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