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  1. Still out there?
  2. (BTW, I've already annexed your Westerlands map for my private PF session ... since it is just sensational ;-) )
  3. Hello! It has taken me even longer it seems, wasn't at home a wee while ...

    When speaking about that PF campaign, I was referring to a Pathfinder "world" for the German customers. The system as such has the Golarion campaign world, but not every former D&D player will want to give up on e.g. Eberron, the Forgotten Realms or whatever gameworld strikes the fancy. A few adventure writers and developers had the idea to write German PF stuff for the German customers of D&D and PF, stuff that can be used independently. Still, we would like to have a "generic" setting where we place our stuff in, so if people want to try it out, they can simply use "ours". For that we need as cool a map as you have provided (you see, customers just love good art), hence my inquiry. And maybe more than just one map. Nothing cast into stone as yet, but we're working on it. So if you're interested in some cool new-from scratch game world mapping, you'd be welcome!
  4. Zanan,

    Thanks for the kudos on the Westerlands map! I'm sorry it has taken a bit to reply. I am currently involved in an active campaign that meets 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. During the weeks that we play, I generally get tied up focusing on my immediate session planning.

    When you mention you are playing a German Pathfinder campaign. Does that mean it is played in the German language, or is it set in Germany? The mapping technique I use works very well for fantasy maps, where you might know, "I want a coast that is generally shaped like so, and mountains like so." but if you need to be able to place very specific natural features like individual mountains, it tends to break down.
  5. Hello!

    Just had a look at your Maps of the Westerlands and was left stunned by the quality of that continental one (1). I'd like to know how long you needed for that one. We're currently looking for a map'per for our German Pathfinder campaign world and if you're interested, just send me a PM or mail.

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