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  1. Never mind I found the answer by reading all the replies to your tutorial. Thanks again
  2. Hi-

    I guess you can't read PM's with only one post, so hope you get this.

    Make sure you have the source picked (from the dropdown) in the bumpmap dialog, check the compensate for darkening, and have the preview box checked. you should see the result quite clearly in the preview window.

    -Rob A>
  3. Good evening RobA

    First of all I owe you a great thanks. I have always wanted to create digital maps but was a complete loss and your tutorial for the seaside map is a life saver. I am actually on the Bump mapping step and I have a question.

    On your screenshot you show the preview of the bumpmap filter operation and we can clearly see the relief. I am following your steps carefully and I don't see the relief nor do I get any results after going through the motions.

    For clearer information, you should know that I am using GIMP 2.6.4 and that my map's resolution is larger than yours standing at 3300x2550 pixels which is 300PPI for letter paper size 8.5 x 11.

    I figure you are very busy helping out those newbies but if you have a moment to look into my request I would be grateful.

    Thank you


    Ghorgor Cram
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