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  1. Disregard that last message, I'm blind and old. I see the link is inyour signature.
  2. I don't see the URL for your WIKI anywhere in any of your posts, I'll be happy to look at it.
  3. Gowienczyk - I see that they are indeed javascript (I'm guessing that much of the mark-up language probably is). Anyway, they should be in the help somewhere but in case you have trouble finding it. Here is a sample of the code from the 'Races' page of my WIKI;

    [[tab General Info]]
    [[size smaller]]The dwarves of Ghoraja Juun are split into two distinct sub-races (Iron & Stone). Stone Dwarves are extremely family and clan oriented - similar in many ways to the Samurai clans of feudal Japan.

    [[[Zur]]] is generally recognized as the patron deity of the Dwarven races.[[/size]]
    [[tab Iron (Hill)]]
    [[size smaller]]These are your prototypical dwarves. They are much more open to dealings with other races than their Ston Dwarf cousins, the Iron Dwarves often act as 'middle-men' for their more reclusive cousins. Of the two races, Iron Dwarves are more likely to become adventurers.

    [[tab Stone (Mountain)]]
    [[size smaller]]Resembling the Samurai Clans of fuedal Japan on Earth, they are reclusive and protective of their underground, mountain enclaves.

    They are undoubtedly the finest weapon and armor smiths on Ghoraja Juun and their work is highly prized by all races.

    Hopefully that'll get you started.
  4. They are part of the markup code available within the WIKI itself, they may be java script (I've never looked at the source code), you might join the WIKI and ask in one of the forums how they are done.
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