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  1. Not really a problem. Most of the script is just overhead

    If you can provide the algorythm code to me I can fairly easily knock out a script to move the control handles for each point.

    -Rob A>
  2. Actually, looking at the source code of your fractalize path script, I believe my request would involve too much work on your part. I didn't realise the complexity and amount of work involved. So just ignore this request, sorry to bother you and have a nice day. Oh and thanks for those map tutorials!
  3. Here is a link to a screenshot of a demo I wrote illustrating the Bezier smoothing algorithm:

    There are 16 Bezier curves in that image, each joined together by the smoothing algorithm. What the algorithm does is automatically manipulate each curve's control points so that each curve joins smoothly to the next. The algorithm involves inverting a potentially large tridiagonal matrix, but there are simple ways to do that.
  4. I wonder if you could do something for me for which I would be eternally grateful. I am conversant in Pascal and C but not TinyScheme. I have an algorithm which smoothly joins Bezier curves together, by manipulating each curve's control points appropriately. The net effect is to automatically produce a smooth curve through a set of points.

    I would like to create a GIMP script which takes a path, and smooths it out using the above algorithm. Would it be possible for you to create a GIMP script for me that takes a path, and merely shifts each of its control points to the left by 3 pixels, and up by 2 pixels? Perhaps wrapping up the control point shifting in a function, and having the main GIMP script function call that function?

    I think that if I can start from a good base script, then maybe I might have a much better chance of being able to pull this off. It is so daunting starting from ground zero.
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