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08-17-2012, 08:49 AM
Ave Tenebrae
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  1. macziggy
    I really like this map, OK it's not as technically brilliant as some of the other computer made maps and not as artistic, but well done all the same. I can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into it. What I would love to see, especially on maps similar to this one, is a little of the background behind it e.g. What races live where and what are they like and their political dispositions to each other. Fancy filling us in Dreamrift?
  2. Ilanthar
    Well, thanks a lot for your kind comment.
    I have worked on my rpg world of Ave Tenebrae since about sixteen years (as far as I recall), so there's much to say... Dreamrift is the continent where players are starting and a central part of the universe somehow, I'll open a topic on the background if you like.
  3. karvis
    Cool map. A lot of names are from the Hyborian Age.
  4. Ilanthar
    You're absolutely right karvis. Some ideas and numerous names come from Hyborian Age, the Forgotten Realms (a bit) and a board game called "Ave Tenebrae".
  5. Zampinator
    Wow, really nice map! Looks like it took alot of time to make.
  6. macziggy
    Yes opening up a topic on it's background is a great idea thanks.
  7. sekoia
    Hello Ilanthar,

    Your map is one of my favs here. I am new here and from France too. I would like to know where I could get some jpgs or vect from your trees (both normal and pine trees as well as your buildings symbols). Where could I find them ? I am planning to make my own first map on Illustrator / Photoshop but can't find satisfying trees so far...
  8. Ilanthar
    Thanks !
    Here is the link
    I do like this tree brushes. I just found other correct trees recently.
    Enjoy !
  9. sekoia
    Génial ! Merci ! ça fait deux heures que je cherche ce genre de truc !
    Thanks a lot !
  10. sekoia
    Do the buildings come from a specific software ? Where could I find similar stuff to represent cities / towns / castles / villages ? Thanks for your help on this.
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