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February 5, 1977 (37)
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I live and work in Kuwait. So far, I run the only Pathfinder game in country. We've been known to gather on Facebook.

I'm a supporter of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the proud creator of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight.

I've written for, Kobold Quarterly (issue #4, issue #16), and have a regular column called "Geeks and Gamers" in Bazaar Magazine (the only Arabic-English magazine in Kuwait). I've been a contributing designer/writer/madman for several Open Design Projects, including Dwarves of the Ironcrags, Zobeck Gazetteer, Six Arabian Nights, Sunken Empires, and From Shore to Sea. Although I have not been involved in any of the 2011-12 projects, I'm a big supporter of the OD setting Midgard. My work has also appeared in Wayfinder (issue 2).

What else? I'm the lead designer and one of the primary writers for the Shadowlands Campaign Setting (by Black Star Studios, LLC), I've been tasked with writing about dark churches, wayward rogues, an order of hidden knights, and a Brotherhood of Adepti - all of which promise to make the Shadowlands Campaign Setting exciting.

When not gaming, writing (and writing and writing and writing...) or working; I've been known to travel, mortar Russian tanks in Battlefield 3, pretend I'm a Sith apprentice in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, brew Chelexian Dark Ale, and run amok in the desert (read: party like a rockstar).
Al-Mangaf, Kuwait
Gaming (BF3, SWTOR, WoW, Pathfinder), writing, travel, and sketching...
Avionics Technician, freelance writer, owner of Storm Bunny Studios, LLC.
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CS4 (although I don't really make maps)
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