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Wlorclor Islands

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05-08-2012, 11:30 AM
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  1. b1gg55
    Hi jaxilion,

    The map for Wlorclor Islands is fabelous and just what I was looking and hoping to find. I am currently creating a new world for my Roleplay Group (think fantasy world, atlantic ocean, thousands of floating islands, some large, some medium and loads of small) the islands will be known as The Skylands. It will be very piratical as everyone wants the resources on the Skylands. Essentially its Atlantis sucked through a portal to a new world and deposited in the air where it broke apart...

    Anyway enough waffle (unless you want me to send you the 2 page background intro) would it be possible to create a 'super' big map of the Skylands for containing 9 Large, 15 medium and 100 small ones and lots of scatter in between...

    It is not a comercial venture simply a setting for us to play and I love this look, just the right mix of fantasy for me.

    aka b1gg55
  2. b1gg55
    err maybe 50 small and loads of scatter...
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