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  1. Thanks man for sharing your thoughts regarding my map votes. I've been out of town for the weekend and just got back so it was nice to have a message

    I actually did think about lines but couldn't figure out how to add them in without making a mess. I did try to put the images close to where the locations were but in at least once case wasn't able to fit it there. I would have liked to have had a bunch more labels but alas I ran out of time. So I guess that translates to not quite being completed as you say .

    What I said about the things I learned from that map were real. I do believe I suffered from flying by the seat of my pants from the get go. If I was doing it over I am pretty sure it would be much better. So, from now on I plan to try to really have my concept down before I start so I don't run into this problem again.

    I consider your feedback a gift, it takes time to reply and I want to push myself to another level and that requires good feedback so thank you.
  2. Hey Jax! In regards to your post in the challenge voting thread, about why your map wasn't getting more votes, here's my opinion (Posting here because I didn't want to hi-jack that thread) The art is top-notch, but the reason why I didn't vote for it is because it's difficult to tell what relation the inserts have to the map. I understand that they're images of the important locations on the map, but what I'm not really sure of is where exactly those locations are on the map. Whether that means doubling up the labels (one of the location and one for the insert), or adding lines connecting the insert to the location, that lack of connection makes it feel as though the map is incomplete. Hope you find my thoughts helpful
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