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  1. Sir;

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm looking for lots of maps over the next few months, but here's what I need sooner rather than later;

    1. All battlemaps that I can print out at Staples; 24" x 36", with a 1" grid (1" = 5')
    2. A pair of autumn forest maps that a bit dark and creepy. Not too dark and creepy, just gloomy, I guess. One will have a camp amidst some ruins in the middle. The other just a natural forest map, with a few large stones and a natural winding-trail (about 10' wide) through the middle.
    3. A courtyard of a fine mannor home. I'll give you more details if you are interested.

    I need them for mid-week this week.

    What do you think? Interested?

    I will be looking for lots more after that as well.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your message. I have done some commissions in the past - you can see the ones I've done for Silver Crescent and BlackStar Studios in my gallery where you posted your comment. I'm planning on taking a break from it for a bit but an interesting project could change my mind. What are you looking for?
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