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  1. If you have a rough plan to go by with a topography, maybe even a rough sketch, I'd consider doing it for $50, mainly just for the fun of it. For that you'd get the 3D .skp model to do what you will with it (Sketchup is Google's 3D modeling software and the basic version is free to download). I'm in the middle of a small city project for my own campaign right now and am pretty busy at work so I probably wouldn't be able to do it immediately (maybe within the next 30 days). If you're still interested just send me a scan or pdf of what you have and we can discuss it more seriously.
  2. No problem.

    So I'd be interested in getting a commision done for a castle I've made in my DND campaign. I love your 3D images, and I think that would be the way to really bring out the character of my castle. What would you charge for a comission for something similar to those castles in your album?
  3. Hey there. Sorry, I've been busy and hadn't checked in lately. I noticed you were interested in the images of the Sketchup models I posted. What exactly are you looking for? These models are exterior only and use very few fills. They are created to suit the style of Braun and Hogenberg's, Civitates orbis terrarum, that I use in my own GMing. I posted a rough layout of a village just now as well for you to have a look at.
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