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  1. Khannea
    This is a rendition of the six Kingdoms are of the Lovecraft Dreamlands. The selected area is one of 16 (very unfinished) tiles. Each tile is 10.000 by 10.000 pixels, and so is this one. The tiles comprize several dozen Photoshop layers. You see the city and Grand Satraphy of Dylath Leen stradling the kingdom to the south west. The pinkish zones are "Lenrira" zones, cxreated by an unknown arcane force to halt spread of the Kingdom of Humanity westward. To the west of the Kingdom are the lesser Kingdoms of the Amazon valley, and the equally matriarchially Alfar Kingdom of the Lyyre.
  2. Khannea
    To the top is the Traitors Gorge, created by the sinister "Warwielder" in The Great War against the daimion. The Traitors Gorge was created in a massive cataclysmic collapse of the landscape as an undersea emptied out in to a huge cavern complex more south, eroding miles and miles of surface area from underneath in a matter of weeks. The resulting upheaval has changed the Kingdom forever and turned the immortal WarWielder in one of the most hated figures in Kingdom history.
  3. Khannea
    This section may be finished in a few months. I am making fairly good progress on painting out the mountain ranges.
  4. Khannea
    If you have inquiries on my methodology, if you have suggestions or otherwise wish to inquire on this work, please email me at
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