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  1. Hey Lejonhjarta,

    Thanks so much for your comments/suggestions on my "floating boulders" map. I really appreciate it!

    As a thank you gift, please hop on over to my store and pick one of my commercial maps:

    There are currently 4 to choose from:
    Dead Man's Crevasse
    Miasma Summit
    Tanglefen Hollow
    Wayfarer's Refuge

    I'll send you a download link (via Dropbox) for whichever one you'd like to have.


    PS - I wanted to send this in a PM, but it looks like PM'ing you has been disabled? Just wanted to let you know, in case it wasn't intentional. If you're going to leave it that way, could you give me your email addy please, so I can give you the download link in private.
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