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  1. Thanks for the vote on The Corruption !
  2. Thanks for the input. I tried to put myself in to the mind of the maps creator. Limited to etching out the map with a bone awl. the detail was restricted to the essential. Terrain ; food(Elk) ; Dangers to avoid (Holy ground Wolves and above all else the SUN) the path taken And a sense of travel in the form of the moonrise to moonset symbols. Thanks again for your time.
  3. I really liked the background but I feel that the map itself lacked details. Maybe too simplistic

    This contest idea of monster mapping was really uninspiring to me.
  4. Dear Guilder. It is traditional for me to solicit advice on my contest entries especially when they bomb so badly. It is the only way to Improve ! So if you can spare a few minutes what exactly was it that you personally found lacking in my entry “The Dark Journey “ Was it too simple ; Hard to understand : Too plain ?? Or something else ? I am asking so be blunt Thanks in advance for the advice ! It will help me Improve ! Sincerely lostatsea
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