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  1. Thanks for the Rep!!
  2. Thanks again for the Rep and Vote, much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the Rep and Vote! AC's map is great also. He keeps saying he wants me to win, but I want us to tie! LOL
  4. Thanks for the Rep and Vote!
  5. Thanks for the rep.
  6. Thanks for the REP on July's Challenge !!
  7. Not a problem about the confusion of frame to border thing. I think perhaps it was too subtle ? Glad you liked it though. How about PM me some of the liked / didn't like for my entry. I could really use the feedback !! Thanks if you can!
  8. Hi, I spotted your post to Seraphine-Harmonium when I messaged her. Sorry if I confused your table for a frame. To me it looked like one of those old art frames that are a wide, carved, wood border. I still think the map looks better with the narrower border or frame that you used in the final post. Either way it's a great map.
  9. Thanks for the rep
  10. Thanks for the Rep again! Glad you like the map.
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