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  1. Meshon Thanks for the input. I have a tendency to go too far down the Rabbit hole ! The shell of the Leather-back sea turtle isn't bone as a normal turtles is. It is cartilage . When the "Map was made it was totally black. The edges and the ribbing are the results of decades of rubbing away the coating. I wanted to simulate the wear(aging) of the "SHELL" and went too far. As for the symbols they are all etched them those of particular note had coloring painted into them to highlight their importance. I had a hell of a Time trying to get the resolution right so that the Symbols were clear but the file size wasn't too big. In the end I had to use jpg format to get it to fit. Then It was plenty too small etc. thanks for the advice I'll probably go back over this and try to fine tune this. A question to you if you have the time Bogie mentioned he had a hard time telling that it was a map and that theer was nothing to suggest that it was monster made ! Do You feel the same way ??
  2. Regarding your map: first, I wouldn't say it bombed at all. Getting a vote or two in these contests pleases me to no end, and you've accomplished that. I'm going to agree with Bogie that the shell itself didn't convince me, it seemed too soft, especially in contrast to the awesome frame and background that you made. The markings on the shell were sharp, but the shell wasn't, so I guess that would be my primary suggestion, more consistency between the elements. Higher resolution would have been great. Also the colours: I think that the carved out parts were fine, but the white and red should have looked more like they were applied over top, like paint. All in all, it was a fine idea!
  3. Dear Guilder. It is traditional for me to solicit advice on my contest entries especially when they bomb so badly. It is the only way to Improve ! So if you can spare a few minutes what exactly was it that you personally found lacking in my entry “The Dark Journey “ Was it too simple ; Hard to understand : Too plain ?? Or something else ? I am asking so be blunt Thanks in advance for the advice ! It will help me Improve ! Sincerely lostatsea
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