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  1. Thanks for the Rep, glad you liked it.
  2. Thanks for the Vote, It was fun redoing the Blacksmith shop
  3. Thanks for your vote and kind words Bogie! They are much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the Rep! This was something different for me.
  5. Thanks for the Rep again! Much appreciated!
  6. I knew I messed up the second I deleted 4 floors, but it was to late. It was easy to reconstruct because they all used the same shape, but it kept me from being able to add shadows and effects like I normally would have. I still am happy with the final map so Thanks for the Rep.
  7. Thanks for the Rep again!
  8. Thanks for the Vote!
  9. Thanks for the Rep, glad you got a good laugh, that was the whole point of it.
  10. Thanks for the rep!
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