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I'm a Christian, husband, father, and geek...I'm your typical uber-geek... I program, play video games and D&D, and I get a big kick out of math and science humor.Proud to be husband to an amazing woman and father to three awesome kids!I no longer make apologies or excuses for my activity on social networks. My posts and opinions are my own and are not that of my employer, my family, my religion, my neighbors, my pets, the squirrel down the street, nor any sentient life currently residing in or around this plane of existence. When I post things, they are guaranteed to be one or more of the following: cute, silly, funny, absurd, obtuse, accurate, inaccurate, truth, lies, offensive, and occasionally demented. I curse... sometimes a lot. Any negative emotional reaction to my rantings/postings/images/etc are purely the reader's responsibility... in other words, if you don't like what I post, go away and get over it. Those who can be adults and have the ability to filter what they read and look for the good are welcome.TL;DR -- If you are easily offended, that's not my fault.
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