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  1. I just purchased Cosmographer 3 from ProFantasy. THIS LOOKS AWESOME!
  2. Photoshop, I have version 7.x.x But I have never p layed with it. I'm more of a drafter than an artist. Your deckplans are very detailed and look extreamly well. Keep postingem.
  3. Hey!

    Thanks! I've been enjoying your work as well, esp. the -1701.

    I use nothing more fancy than Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. It's what I'm used to.

    You can see my stuff from my website There is a link to my Flicr page. You can buy my stuff at DriveThru RPG. The link is in my sig.

    BTW, I accepted your friend request.

    Look foward to seeing more of your Stuff!
  4. I love your deck plans. What software do you use?
    Do you have a web site with deckplans on it?

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