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  1. Yes I did, but I need to work on it because it's all just little red X's. No problem though, I'll get it.

    Thank you VERY much!
  2. Did you receive the files I sent? I sent them Dec. 2 from my personal email account.

  3. Yes I'm still intrested in the files.... I have an equilivant of the SMAC files.... I'm sure I can get it to match your work.

    my email address is: madcartographer @
    Thank you VERY much!
  4. Wow. I am so sorry that I didn't see this message before. I thought that if someone messaged me it would send an email to me, lol. Oh well. If you are still interested in the CC3 files, I will try to work something out. The problem is, that I used a tone of the SMAC artwork, which need to be installed in CC3 in the exact same directories as on my pc for you to work with them. And that is 'if' you already have them downloaded. I think that they may be hard to find at this point and there is over 4 Gb of data in them.
    Did you want the CC3 files or would you be happy with higher resolution jpgs or pngs?

    Let me know and I am sure that we can work something out. Again, sorry for not responding, uh, half a year ago.
  5. Question for ya, I love your Ravenlot stuff. Would you be willing to send me the CC3 file of it?


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