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  1. I've had the same thing with the pixels occur in Leveller, so it's not a Wilbur thing. The axis flip maybe.
  2. Joe, is there any chance you taking a look at the .bt in Wilbur? I'm finding that Wilbur flips the Y axis. That doesn't bother me so much, It also adds a border of at least one pixel of very low height values to the top and right of the terrain. I'm pretty sure it's Wilbur that does this. I'm not sure when though- whether it's on export, or during some process. I want to use Wilbur on a bt and it's going straight back into Global Mapper as rectified, so I need it spot on.

  3. Did you mean Fun With Wilbur Volume 3 or Fun With Wilbur Volume 5?

    The river finding thingy in Wilbur does a flow computation across the surface and then thresholds that flow to get the "rivers". The resulting images should be pixel-exact. However, any pits in the surface (even single-pixels ones) will result in in correct flow computation because Wilbur doesn't try to run a fluid over the surface (which would fill in the pits and still give rivers), but just calculates the flow field.

    The Basin Fill operation in Wilbur is important for the overall appearance of the surface because it fills in all the little pits, typically before users run the flow computation.
  4. Hey Joe, was playing with the river creation tut. The one that creates a texture, as opposed to incises.
    How reliable is that texture? How reliable are the river paths? I used identical settings for slope and noise, and the rivers all flowed in the correct manner on my map, but I need to do more tests before I post results.

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