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  1. Awww Damit, Oh well thank you for informing me.
  2. Hey again Narf. Well, looks like some folks (including some forum leaders) found the post, but thus far the reception of these ideas has been less than favorable. Unfortunately, without a more receptive audience I don't see these ideas getting off the ground.
  3. Oh right ok. Thanks again! I shall try to find him, or.. do you have a link?
  4. I think you have some very good ideas. Thing is, I'm not in any kind of leadership or administrative position here at the Guild. I'm just an active member of the community. I know that Arcana, the head brass around here, is incredibly busy with both moving his family to a new location, and moving the website as well, so he's got allot on his plate. There are a few active forum leaders (Gidde, Jaxlen & LukeC) who you might talk to. In particular, LukeC was just appointed the title of "content director" or some-such. He might be interested in your thoughts on this. You might try PMing him to get his take on the issue. I would love to see the Guild adopt some sort of a guild-like or university structure though.

  5. Thank you, I am very glad you think so

    Would have you done anything with the idea yet? If not I can help with some forum structure and such.
  6. Thanks for posting your thoughts on how to improve the Guild website. I think your idea of a Cartography Guild University has some real merit.

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