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  1. I am trying to export the entire planet (with current colors of the planet) in a way that it looks like the outline and colors look just like the FTPro pic. (Not the ugly and very blocky version it does output). In other words, something I can build off of and make the map look decent, like it was drawn in CC3.
  2. Yes, there is, and you can fiddle with the outpout options. What are you trying to export?
  3. Hey NK, I know you use CC3 but do you also use FTPro? If you do, I need some pointers on how to export files from FTPro to CC3. I know there is a feature to do that, but the maps look like crap when you do it. But is there another way to make it look decent?
  4. I like your maps. I'm also a user of CC3, exclusively. But I'm nowhere near your skill. Nice work!
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