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  1. Hi NK, I need some help with a CC3 map.... Look here:

    I am having problems with the shadow.... how do I get a nice even shadow for my dungeon... with out it looking like what I have. I need something to make it look like its really underground.... nice and dark. Can you provide help? If you need the file to have a look... just email me and I'll be happy to send it to ya.

  2. Hi NeonKnight, I've been offline for a bit, have you done any Demon Queens Enclave maps yet? I'd love to see'em.
  3. Yer Welcome. Glad I was of help.

    And, No, only just started Demon Queens Enclave myself.
  4. I contacted Waldronate, and he answered my questions. I appreaciate your help.
  5. Did you ever do the Demon Queens Enclave maps? I cant find them.
  6. Thanx!

    And Waldonrate is Joe Slayton's Handle. He is the Author of Fractal Terrains, and will gladly help you out.
  7. Ok, I appreaciate your help.

    BTW,thanks for your turorials. I'm in the process of reading them threw.
    I normally just make Deck plans with CC3, so maping is new to me. But it's very intresting and I hope to someday, produce some stuff close to what you guys put out.
  8. Well, you know who the BEST person to ask is? Joe Slayton. He is a member here, and at the moment his online handle escapes me.

    Merry Christmas. I will try and find out.
  9. This is what it outputs... or a version there of....

    it's very ugly, I want something I can use to create a nice world map out of. It also does not use the correct colors I'm using. Terra Firma Shaders etc.
  10. And Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.
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