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  1. Salgoth: It's fine to use the brushes in whatever way you see fit. As long as people don't claim they made themselves I have no problem with people making money from utilising them well.
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    hi ramah,

    thanks again for the cool brushes you´ve created!
    I have one more question regarding the usage of the brushes: as far as I could see, the brushes are free to use for everyone and I wonder if that would also apply to commercial products? I am managing director of megalith games ( and we would really like to use your brushes for a world map of a tabletop game that we are going to release this year. please let me know if this would be ok for you! we would really appreciate it and of course you would be mentioned as an official reference inside the rulebook, if you wish to! thanks a lot! best regards, andré
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    My name is Shane. I am part of a two man team currently producing a tabletop game manual. My partner, Jon, and I were curious if you would be interested in doing a commissioned piece.

    If you are interested, or want more details, please email us at

    Thank you, Shane
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    wanted to tank you for the brushes ( mountains / tree's ) i found on the forum , you made my first attempt a reasonable success !

    did you draw those by hand and then scan them ( pen drawings? ) or did you make em in photoshop ? cause ive tried mimicking them in photoshop with slight alterations ( like volcano , mountain with cave ect ..) but i just can seem to get the same brush strokes as your original has ...
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    I always forget how big those PSD files get. A website like or can email up to 1 or 2 GB I believe. No idea what size your map is, so no clue if its in that range.

    So if that doesn't work, I would love a blank map without any towns, cities, countries, etc. Adding those kinds of details is not difficult. Its not the flexibility of having the whole file open to tinkering, but its more than enough for my purposes I think.

    Thanks for being so willing to share your work. I appreciate it.
  6. Cesar de Quart - if you make a selection of your landmass then go to Select->Modify->Expand you can input a figure in pixels that you would like it to expand by. If you expand it by varying amounts and then do an Edit->Stroke you can get the concentric outlines that are spaced further and further apart.
  7. Hey there Lebkin.

    Well the original PSD files are a little large for uploading or probably even sending. If you want me to upload a version without labels or city and town markers etc. I can do that for you. Just let me know what youwant.
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    In reference to your beautiful Vaniya map you wrote

    P.s. - I'm not sure what use anyone could get out of this other than me, but if you feel the need then knock yourself out. Just consider it under the usual CC copyright thingymajig that people bang on about around here.

    Well, I have a use for it. It would a perfect starting point for a D&D campaign I am looking to run. Dungeon Mastering I do well, map making I do not. As such though, I would like to be able to tweak things, add notes, etc. Would it be possible to get the original photoshop file? Working with layers would be easier than editing with the jpeg, but I can do that if need be. Thanks,
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    Hi there!

    As others have already said, your maps are probably the best maps I've seen in this site. I'm trying to do one, using the brushes from your maps, but there's a thing that I cannot grasp:

    How do you make the second shore-line? Your shores are somehow outlined by a bigger line. I'd like to recreate this effect, but I cannot find the way. I would appreciate your help in this.

    Thanks, and take care!
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    Hi Ramah,

    Thanks a lot! Those are perfect!

    Best regards!
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by Ramah on 01-05-2013 at 02:17 PM
So, I've made a little progress on the MapThing suite recently. Unfortunately it's not on HillThing though.

After recently spending an inordinately long time drawing, redrawing and shading a simple border I decided that I'd have a crack at automating some of the process. So I finally turned my attention to the newly re-christened BorderControl module for MapThing.

It's not feature-complete yet but I thought there was enough now to show a little of what it can do. So,

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With the welcome post out the way...

by Ramah on 02-08-2012 at 07:24 AM
I thought I'd set out my stall as far as TreeThing is concerned.

So... what's the plan?

Well, first, a little history. As many old-timers here might know, TreeThing started out as the "Automatic Forest Generator" and was programmed by Fluesopp. It was a very simple program that took a png image and covered the non-transparent areas with trees. He very kindly made it open source and I used this as a springboard to start developing the idea in greater detail

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Obligatory welcome post

by Ramah on 02-08-2012 at 06:23 AM
Hey there and welcome to Tumbleweed - an empty little part of the web that you are probably the first, and maybe only, person to visit.

I'll own up from the start - this will probably be updated infrequently. It is a little known fact (although known very well to my family) that I am an expert at starting things. Finishing them... not so much. But as I doubt there will be hordes of internet users hanging on my every word and desperate to find out what has been happening with me then

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