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  1. Ramah,

    I always forget how big those PSD files get. A website like or can email up to 1 or 2 GB I believe. No idea what size your map is, so no clue if its in that range.

    So if that doesn't work, I would love a blank map without any towns, cities, countries, etc. Adding those kinds of details is not difficult. Its not the flexibility of having the whole file open to tinkering, but its more than enough for my purposes I think.

    Thanks for being so willing to share your work. I appreciate it.
  2. In reference to your beautiful Vaniya map you wrote

    P.s. - I'm not sure what use anyone could get out of this other than me, but if you feel the need then knock yourself out. Just consider it under the usual CC copyright thingymajig that people bang on about around here.

    Well, I have a use for it. It would a perfect starting point for a D&D campaign I am looking to run. Dungeon Mastering I do well, map making I do not. As such though, I would like to be able to tweak things, add notes, etc. Would it be possible to get the original photoshop file? Working with layers would be easier than editing with the jpeg, but I can do that if need be. Thanks,
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