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  1. hi ramah!

    that´s great news!
    please drop me an email because I would like to get into contact with you personal for a few questions! (private messages don´t work for me in here...)
    you can address your mail to
  2. hi ramah,

    thanks again for the cool brushes you´ve created!
    I have one more question regarding the usage of the brushes: as far as I could see, the brushes are free to use for everyone and I wonder if that would also apply to commercial products? I am managing director of megalith games ( and we would really like to use your brushes for a world map of a tabletop game that we are going to release this year. please let me know if this would be ok for you! we would really appreciate it and of course you would be mentioned as an official reference inside the rulebook, if you wish to! thanks a lot! best regards, andré
  3. Hi Ramah,

    Thanks a lot! Those are perfect!

    Best regards!
  4. Hi Ramah!

    first of all I have to say that your maps are some of the best I´ve ever seen so far! awesome work!!!

    I recently found your posts about the Aronbor Map and I wonder if there is any chance to get the hill brushes you used for it?!

    Would be awesome if they are downloadable somewhere!
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