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Yamashi: The eastern landmass of my 3 "Japan maps". I don't recall what got me going on these, what real world islands I used, or what most of the names mean. Oh well. If folks want to fiddle with them, go right ahead.

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07-25-2012, 10:39 PM
Rough stuff (aka FREE MAPS)
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  1. bartmoss
    Actually like the simplistic style of this, and the other maps that have a "focused" white-colored land and a bunch of grey stuff on the edges.
  2. Realmwright
    Thanks friend! Focus was never my problem, it's finishing. What I may do with this world, since it's complete in its map, is to use it to learn Photoshop and terrains and textures and what not. Then I'll leave it open under Creative Commons if folks what to revel in its glory. Nothing saying it has to remain "Japanese".
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