Parchment Maps

In this Map Album all the work is parchment work. It is all done by hand with some PSD work to put it all together. The textures are scanned from real treated paper. I have not yet had any sucess with PSD paper texture that have the same quality.
  1. members/riggamorphus-albums-parchment+maps-picture40948-rune-treasure-map.jpg
  2. members/riggamorphus-albums-parchment+maps-picture24495-city-archenford.jpg
  3. members/riggamorphus-albums-parchment+maps-picture24496-ruin-hunting-lodge.jpg
  4. members/riggamorphus-albums-parchment+maps-picture24497-adventurers-keep.jpg
  5. members/riggamorphus-albums-parchment+maps-picture24498-mithril-mine.jpg
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