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  1. Hello, i´m new here. I was taking a look at your tutorial on the gimp tool to create a map, but i have a problem. I made all right, but you show an image of the map with the Sea and the land, green color. My map have lots of layers, and they´re all mixed, like, one is the Grass, the other the Base, other Sea, etc... but i want then i just one layer, as you shown! How i do that, i have to paste them into one layer?

    Thank you,
  2. Hello, i´m new here. I was seeing your tutorial of the map on the gimp tool, and i have a problem. I made all right, but the images you show are different then the mines. Like, your map shows a map whit the sea and the land is green. But, i do all you said in the tutorial but i can´t see my map with the sea and the land.

    And don´t know if you understanded, but i have lots of maps layers, on is Sea, the other is Grass, etc... I think i have to paste all the layers in one to have the total image map. But i don´t think i´m right....HELP, please!

    Thank you for the tutorial
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