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  1. Hello S. Hardy. Glad you liked the map. I've licensed it under Creative Commons (, which allows others to modify and use the map, so long as this is done for non-commercial purposes, and proper attribution is made. By this last bit I mean, if you upload this map (or any altered version of it) to a site, I would like you to credit me as the artist on the page in which you feature the map. That said, if you are just planning to use this map for your own private campaign, I could send you a flattened jpg. of the image, minus the geographical and political names.
  2. Very good stuff !

    I was incidentilly looking around for a map that would be a bit like the one from 'Hollows Last Hope' - You know, one that would make the players want to go out and 'explore'. Happened to be one of the two maps you based yours of the 'Western Baronies' on. I happened to like that map very much and now I wonder if there's still a version somewhere without the placenames and stuff? Maybe even without the towns, cities, ruins and so forth ?
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