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October 6, 1988 (26)
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My name is Shannon, though I am known by many names online. The two most common I take are The Hive/The Collective, a reference to The Borg from Star Trek; and Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead.I am hyper intelligent, incredibly affectionate and romantic, now that I have that half of me re-awoken. I am also, however, hyper geeky and nerdy.I enjoy being with friends, weather it is going out and seeing a movie or staying in and playing Magic: The Gathering, a card game. I drink, but only with the right company. I drink scotch, whiskey, and vodka. I can tolerate bourbon, but not a huge fan of it. I will only drink beer if it a last resort, and wine when drunk.I do not identify as Human, but as Klingon. This comes from my innate loathing of modern human society, especially those founded on monotheistic beliefs, and my innate love of the Klingon Empire - who are very much akin to feudal Japan crossed with cold war USSR. They are the epitome of what I hold most dear to me.I am proud to say not only do I play card games like Magic The Gathering, and board games like Fomrula D and Zombies, but I also play Dungeons and Dragons, watch Stargate and Star Trek, and listen to a variety of music. From Nightwish and Evanescence to t.A.T.u. and Rammstein; from Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom to Epica and Luciano Pavarotti.I am me. Either accept me for who I am, or you will become my first meal when the sun sets.
Meditation, Aviation, Walking, Piercings, If a girl is silent, it's dangerous. They're either, about


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