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03-30-2014, 08:23 PM
My Finished Maps
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  1. Agent009
    Absolutely amazing work and style mate
  2. Morgan
    Wonderful! :O You've just tempted me to learn drawing artistic maps!
  3. Vurtax
    This is friggin amazing, I love the little shadow effects you have on the trees and the mountains and all. Though I can confess I'm not a fan of the overall shape, all that is within makes up for it. Nice work.
  4. grangarian
    You sir, maybe you could make a tutorial on this. That'd be great. For me this style is absolutely awesome. I want to learn how to do this kind of maps. I mean at least some tips, tricks or techniques you have used. I'm in awe. This takes a true genius to make.
  5. adrimarie
    Wow! Awesome map! I second grangarian's notion of a tutorial, this style is really cool!
  6. arsheesh
    So you're the one who did this lovely piece! I've seen it over at Deviantart and instantly added it to my inspiration folder. Great work!

  7. qwalker
    Utterly fantastic. The map is brilliant, but the border is something beyond brilliant.
  8. ArcaniteCartel
    Totally awesome
  9. Bryan Livingston
    Love it! I could stare at this for hours.
  10. Bryan Livingston
    Would you consider licensing this map for this project:
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