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04-09-2014, 09:14 PM
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  1. qwalker
    I Love the map, especially the small islands off the coast, just like an eroded coastline. I will use this concept for my maps of Myirandios. I would like to give this a star rating, but not sure how. Look forward to seeing the geographical features. Also, few regions have so few nations - what about some smaller ones, a few city states and some areas given over to nomads or hunter-gatherers? Just a suggestion.
  2. thismindofmine
    These are just the provinces of the continent. Each province is broken up into its own structure, actually. The Dark Green one is an Empire, which is broken up into city-states, duchies, and baronies; whereas the Light Blue is a feudal province that is technically an Empire, but the Emperor is little more than a figurehead and clans rule the entirety. The Red is a Triumvirate, but is in a bit of a civil war, so...I guess just three kingdoms there. A lot more to come. I'm bad at detail work, so...I'm trying to pay someone else to do it!
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